|About Cameron|

Cameron was born at 18:36 UTC on 20th December 2007. He weighed 4.1kg (9lbs 1oz) and was 51cm (20 inches) long.

Mother and baby are doing fine. He is feeding well and resting too.

He's plumped up nicely since he was born and has already learned how to do a very large yawn.

His normal name is Cameron Bowen, his full name is Cameron David McNaughton Bowen. This follows the pattern in David's family (e.g. David Stephen Lawrence Bowen = New + Parent-of-Same-Gender + Mum-Maiden + Surname). It's nothing to do with David Cameron. "Cameron" is a Scottish name meaning "crooked nose" - but hopefully he won't end up getting a crooked nose the way his dad did (my brother broke mine for me).

Cameron's pre-birth images are available.

Of course you can write to cameron@myforest.com if you wish.